Immo Brown

As part of my time at FW4, I was tasked with the challenge of redesigning the online identity of real estate broker, Immo Brown.


Immo Brown is an exclusive real estate agency based in West-Flanders, Belgium. Their website was in dire need of a redesign to reposition the agency back on top in this competitive market. I had around 2 weeks time to redesign their site and marketing direction. From the very beginning, I opted to design their website with a mobile-first approach in mind.

By using dark colors combined with simple iconography, I created a luxury look for them. The result is a responsive, modern website that perfectly showcases their portfolio.

Over the course of those 2 weeks, I communicated with the client to make sure we were on the same level. If something was not to their liking, we’d sit down and explore other options.

After my design was completed, it was handed over to the development team.


When development of the website was finished, the new website was launched to positive feedback from new and existing clients. The new design does a good job on highlighting properties by presenting the user with large pictures and well-structured data.

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