Me, myself, and I

Hi, I'm Jeremy — a designer and creative developer from Belgium. I work with people and organisations from all over the world with one goal in mind — to create the best experiences possible.

How I like to work

I aim to be as straightforward and direct as possible while working with you and your team. I communicate clearly and often throughout the design process. Depending on the scale of the project, I’m able to deliver the first mockups in about 2 weeks time. When those are approved, I quickly move to high-fidelity mockups with multiple stages of prototyping in between to make sure we’re on the right track.

When the design is approved, I can convert my work into a functioning website by writing modular and valid code (HTML, CSS & Javascript). If needed, integrating with a CMS is also an option. I'm experienced with various popular CMS (Wordpress, Craft,...) as well as static content generators (Jekyll, Middleman, Eleventy,...), and their respective templating languages.

Who hires me

I am typically hired by individuals and small organisations in the tech and real estate industry. They often need someone with a strong visual eye, who is capable of delivering both visual and technical work in a timely manner.

How you can hire me

The best way to hire me is to simply send me an email with some info about yourself and your project. You can expect an answer from me within 48 hours. My email is If your inquiry is more urgent, you can send me a message on Twitter.

Skills & Services

While I'm primarily a designer, I'm equally able to assist you and your team in a few other key areas throughout the process.

User Interface Design

Is your app in need of a thorough redesign of its UI? I'm experienced with iOS and Android and can create detailed and native experiences for your mobile users. I'm loyal to the platform I'm designing for and my eye for detail makes your product stand out in the crowd.

Front-end Code

With a big focus on valid HTML, clean code, and accessibility, I'm able to code my designs and make sure they perform like a champ on the web. I can work with various CSS preprocessors as well as new techniques like CSS variables. As for publishing a site, I have worked with Wordpress, Magento, and a variety of static-site-generators such as Jekyll, Eleventy, MiddleMan, and more.

Responsive Web Design

I like to work with a mobile-first approach to ensure mobile users get a full-featured version of your website instead of a narrowed-down one. Using modular code, I can make small adjustments that have a big impact on how your site performs across devices and resolutions.


Are you looking for someone with a strong and educated opinion across a wide range of design principles? I can guide your team back on track to ensure great success in the market you're operating in. I take a look at your current product or marketing efforts and can provide a detailed report with guidelines where to improve and adjust.

Nice words about my work

“Jeremy is an absolute pleasure to work with. His expert-level skill designing beautiful, elegant, and functional interfaces is why we have worked with him time and time again. If you care about getting the details of your app right, hire Jeremy.”

Matthew Bischoff, Partner at Lickability

“Working together with Jeremy was a delight. His thorough knowledge of the platform and keen eye for detail really elevated our product and marketing campaigns.”

Patricia Lemaitre, Immo Brown

Work with me

Did I pique your interest? Consider hiring me for your next project or venture. Get in touch by sending me an email or by messaging me through your favorite social network.