The team at Helpper reached out to me to design a native experience that fits right into their existing style guide.

The Challenge

The primary goal of the app was to provide an intuitive way to use the Helpper platform while on the go. It had to be designed with a tremendous focus on accessibility because of the nature of the target audience.

My Approach

Since the team at Helpper already had a style guide in place, it was my task to build on that. I started by designing components that resembled the native iOS elements in the already established style of that of Helpper’s web platform.

During the design process, I communicated primarily with Helpper’s CEO. My designs were presented as a Figma prototype so we could see the flows in action. This proved to be an essential part of the workflow as the team at Helpper could easily provide feedback on the work that has been done. I’d then take that feedback and present the next round.

In addition to ‘static’ design work, I also created a few HTML prototypes to nail down the various interactions between views. This was particularly helpful to the development team at Helpper as they could easily implement specific animations and transitions using the values provided by me.

Aside from designing a native iOS experience, I also laid the groundwork for an Android version of my design. Specific mockups have not been designed for this platform instead, I was tasked to focus on designing various UI elements.


The aspect that made the design process so successful was the fact that I could directly communicate with the CEO. Almost nothing was lost in transit, and I was able to iterate swiftly on my work. The result is a native experience that fits right in with the design work that was already in place.

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